Clinical Trials

Below is a listing of clinical trials conducted at MUSC Hollings Cancer Center. Use the tools in the left toolbar to refine your search. If you are interested in Early Phase/Multi Tumor trials, select the program “Phase I Unit.” Please note that cohort information for the phase I trials change often.

Protocol Title Status Contact
103434 A Phase 1b Open-Label Study to Evaluate the Safety and Anti-cancer Activity of Loncastuximab Tesirine in Combination with Other Anti-cancer Therapies Agents in Patients with Relapsed or Refractory B-cell Non-Hodgkin (LOTIS-7) OPEN TO ACCRUAL Contact
103164 A Phase 1 Study of SEA-CD70 in Myeloid Malignancies OPEN TO ACCRUAL Contact
103588 Randomized Phase II Trial of Postoperative Adjuvant Capecitabine and Temozolomide versus Observation in High-Risk Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors OPEN TO ACCRUAL Contact
103371 Phase II Trial of Eflornithine/DFMO as Maintenance Therapy for Molecular High Risk/Very High Risk and Relapsed/Refractory Medulloblastoma OPEN TO ACCRUAL Contact
103579 A Randomized 3-Arm Phase II Study Comparing 1.) Bendamustine, Rituximab and High Dose Cytarabine (BR/CR) 2.) Bendamustine, Rituximab, High Dose Cytarabine and Acalabrutinib (BR/CR-A), and 3.) Bendamustine, Rituximab and Acalabrutinib (BR-A) in Patients </= 70 Years Old With Untreated Mantle Cell Lymphoma OPEN TO ACCRUAL Contact
103428 A Phase 3 Randomized Study Comparing Teclistamab in Combination with Daratumumab SC (Tec-Dara) versus Daratumumab SC, Pomalidomide, and Dexamethasone (DPd) or Daratumumab SC, Bortezomib, and Dexamethasone (DVd) in Participants with Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma OPEN TO ACCRUAL Contact
103469 Multi-Center, Open-Label, Single-Arm Phase I Dose-Escalation and Phase II Dose-Expansion Study to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability, PK Characteristics and Anti-Tumor Activity of FCN-159 in Adult and Pediatric Participants With Neurofibromatosis Type 1 OPEN TO ACCRUAL Contact
103374 A Phase 1b, First-in-Human, Dose Escalation and Expansion Study of XMT-1536 In Patients With Solid Tumors Likely to Express NaPi2b OPEN TO ACCRUAL Contact
103596 Parallel Phase III Randomized Trials of Genomic Risk Stratified Unfavorable Intermediate Risk Prostate Cancer: De-Intensification and Intensification Clinical Trial Evaluation (GUIDANCE) OPEN TO ACCRUAL Contact
103389 Phase 3 Trial Using the SYK Inhibitor, Entospletinib, in Combination with Standard Induction and Consolidation Chemotherapy in Newly Diagnosed, NPM1-mutated Acute Myelogenous Leukemia OPEN TO ACCRUAL Contact
103435 The BURAN Study of Buparlisib (AN2025) In Combination With Paclitaxel Compared to Paclitaxel Alone, in Patients With Recurrent or Metastatic Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma OPEN TO ACCRUAL Contact
103408 A Phase 1B Trial of Tarloxotinib and Sotorasib in Patients with KRAS G12C Mutations OPEN TO ACCRUAL Contact
103352 Combination of Autophagy Selective Therapeutics (COAST) in Advanced Solid Tumors or Relapsed Prostate Cancer, a Phase I/II Trial OPEN TO ACCRUAL Contact
103396 A First-in-human, Phase 1 Study to Evaluate the Safety of TTX-080, an HLA-G Antagonist, in Subjects With Advanced Solid Tumors OPEN TO ACCRUAL Contact
103446 A Phase 2, Multicenter, Open-label Study of Sotorasib (AMG 510) in Subjects With Stage IV NSCLC Whose Tumors Harbor a KRAS G12C Mutation in Need of First-line Treatment (CodeBreaK 201) OPEN TO ACCRUAL Contact
103438 A Phase 1b/2, Randomized, Study of AVB-S6-500 in Combination With Cabozantinib Versus Cabozantinib Alone in Patients With Advanced Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma Who Have Received Front-Line Treatment OPEN TO ACCRUAL Contact
103401 A Phase 3, Randomized, Double-Blind, Adaptive, Placebo/Paclitaxel-Controlled Study of AVB-S6-500 in Combination With Paclitaxel in Patients With Platinum-Resistant Recurrent Ovarian Cancer OPEN TO ACCRUAL Contact
103421 A Phase 2, Open-Label Study to Evaluate the Safety and Antitumor Activity of CX-2009 in Advanced HR-Positive/HER2-Negative Breast Cancer and of CX-2009 as Monotherapy and in Combination With CX-072 in Advanced Triple-Negative Breast Cancer OPEN TO ACCRUAL Contact
103465 A Phase 1/2 Dose Escalation and Dose Expansion Study of Ozuriftamab Vedotin (BA3021) in Patients With Advanced Solid Tumors OPEN TO ACCRUAL Contact
103390 A Phase 2 Study of BA3011 Alone and in Combination with Nivolumab in Adult Patients with Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Who Had Prior Disease Progression on a PD1/L1, EGFR, Or ALK Inhibitor OPEN TO ACCRUAL Contact