Clinical Trials

Sponsor: Cytomex Therapeutics

Sponsor Study ID: CTMX-2009-002

Study Title: A Phase 2, Open Label Study to Evaluate the Safety and Antitumor Activity of Praluzatamab Ravtansine (CX 2009) in Advanced HR Positive/HER2 Negative Breast Cancer and of Praluzatamab Ravtansine as Monotherapy and in Combination with Pacmilimab (CX 072) in Advanced Triple Negative Breast Cancer (CTMX 2009 002)

NCT Number: NCT04596150

Phase: II

Protocol Type: Treatment

Age Group: Adult

Disease Sites: Breast

Study Objectives: A Phase 2, clinical study in advanced, metastatic breast cancer that will evaluate CX-2009 monotherapy in both Hormone Receptor(HR) positive/HER2 negative breast cancer and in TNBC, and evaluate CX-2009+CX-072 in TNBC

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Trial opened at the following institutions: Medical University of South Carolina

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