Clinical Trials

Sponsor: SWOG

Sponsor Study ID: S1900E

Study Title: A Phase II Study of Sotorasib (AMG 510) in Participants With Previously Treated Stage IV or Recurrent KRAS G12C Mutated Non Squamous Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (ECOG ACRIN LUNG MAP SUB STUDY)

NCT Number: NCT04625647

Phase: II

Protocol Type: Treatment

Age Group: Adults

Disease Sites: Lung

Study Objectives: This phase II Lung-MAP treatment trial studies the effect of AMG 510 in treating non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer that is stage IV or has come back (recurrent) and has a specific mutation in the KRAS gene, known as KRAS G12C. Mutations in this gene may cause the cancer to grow. AMG 510, a targeted treatment against the KRAS G12C mutation, may help stop the growth of tumor cells.

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