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Sponsor: MUSC

Sponsor Study ID: 103725

Study Title: Feasibility Trial of Preoperative 5 Day Hypofractionated Radiotherapy for Primary Soft Tissue Sarcoma

NCT Number: NCT05776667

Phase: II

Protocol Type: Treatment

Age Group: Adults

Disease Sites: Soft Tissue

Study Objectives: To determine the feasibility of preoperative 5-day HFRT for extremity STS within the HCC patient population Secondary Objectives: To evaluate the rates of favorable pathologic response, major woundcomplications, local control, acute toxicity, and 1-year late toxicity associated with preoperative 5-day HFRT Exploratory Objectives: To compare the socio-demographic profile of trial participants with those of extremity STS patients who would have meet trial criteria and were offered preoperative CFRT in the 3 years prior to the study opening at HCC To compare the retention rate for radiotherapy at HCC in patients meeting trial criteria during the prior 3 years with the retention rate for radiotherapy during the study period To compare serum levels of SFRP2 before and after preoperative 5-day HFRT To evaluate changes in serum SFRP2 levels before and after preoperative 5-day HFRT for an association with favorable pathologic response To evaluate patient satisfaction with the decision to participate in a trial of preoperative 5-day HFRT To assess the importance of the shorter duration of radiotherapy in an individual patient?s decision to participate in the study

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