Hollings Mobile Health Unit

For the past 20 years, HCC has managed a mobile health unit that travels to destinations in 27 counties across the state, providing cancer screening and education services to communities designated as the most medically underserved.

Through partnership with Federally Qualified Health Centers, churches, community centers and employers, the unit provides breast and cervical cancer screening.

Over the past five years, the mobile health unit has provided mammograms and Pap tests to more than 7,000 women. Annually, 15% of these women are identified as needing additional diagnostic follow-up and, during the past five years, 42 women were diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer. Women needing diagnostic or treatment follow-up are provided direct navigation services to ensure timely access to care. Of the women screened in the mobile health unit, 80% report they would not have sought breast or cervical cancer screening if not for the mobile unit coming to their community.

In partnership with South Carolina's Best Chance Network, HCC’s mobile health unit is one of the state’s largest providers for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program Best Chance Network), providing services to uninsured and underinsured women meeting specific eligibility criteria. Utilizing the mobile health unit, HCC and the COE staff also provide targeted, evidenced-based education events and screenings for skin cancer as well as tobacco cessation counseling and referral.

In 2016, Hollings Cancer Center and The Sullivan Center at Clemson University collaborate on mobile clinic interventions to advance access to health education and screening tests for rural and urban communities that face distinct challenges accessing quality healthcare to identify and treat problems before they develop or worsen.

Mobile Health Unit

Current screening services include:

  • Breast health: mammograms
  • Skin cancer: visual inspection of skin for suspicious moles or lesions
  • Cervical health: Pap test, pelvic exam

Anyone interested in the Mobile Health Unit screening services should call the Hollings Cancer Center outreach program at 843-792-0878 or email Outreach Services.

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