Center Leadership

Gustavo W. Leone, Ph.D.

Director, Hollings Cancer Center

Dr. Leone joined MUSC in 2017 as the Hollings Cancer Center Director from the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center. A Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, he also holds the Grace E. DeWolff Endowed Chair in Medical Oncology and serves as the Senior Associate Dean for Oncology in the College of Medicine. As Director, Dr. Leone will oversee the patient care arm of the Hollings Cancer Center as well as lead cancer-related research efforts in order to achieve and promote transdisciplinary and translational collaborative research. Dr. Leone’s research focuses on identifying how disruption of critical cell cycle regulatory pathways contributes to uncontrolled cell growth, a hallmark of cancer. He has authored more than 120 peer-reviewed publications and has received numerous recognitions for his contributions to cancer research.

Donna BerrierDonna Berrier, MPA

Associate Director of Administration
Ms. Berrier joined Hollings as the Associate Director for Administration in 2017. In her role, Ms. Berrier works closely with the Director and members of senior and programmatic leadership to build and support the research infrastructure crucial to Hollings’ mission. She identifies new cancer research opportunities and develops resources to support these and existing efforts. Ms. Berrier has over a decade of experience working with NCI-designated Cancer Centers.

Michael OstrowskiMichael Ostrowski, Ph.D.

Interim Associate Director of Basic Science

Dr. Ostrowski is a Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and holds the WH Fold Endowed Chair. In his role as Interim Associate Director, Dr. Ostrowski is charged with identifying and shaping the trajectory of new scientific directions and integrating basic science discoveries across discipline areas while facilitating the application of these discoveries into the development of innovative preventative, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

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Marvella FordMarvella E. Ford, Ph.D.

Associate Director of Population Science and Cancer Disparities

A Professor of Public Health Sciences, Dr. Ford oversees the Center’s effort to address the state’s critical cancer disparities while implementing initiatives that integrate the expertise in population sciences among the Center’s cancer control researchers. Through community outreach and educational programs, Dr. Ford and her team work with minority leaders throughout the state to build bi-directional, trusting, and long-lasting partnerships, which are critical to Hollings investigators in tailoring culturally and contextually knowledgeable cancer interventions. She also works with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control to implement cancer-focused initiatives, including the State Cancer Plan.

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David MahviDavid M. Mahvi, M.D.

Chief, Oncology Integrated
Center of Clinical Excellence

Dr. Mahvi serves as the Chief of the Oncology Integrated Center of Clinical Excellence (ICCE) and Chief of Surgical Oncology. In his leadership role, Dr. Mahvi oversees the clinical activities and performance of the Hollings Cancer Center. In coordination with MUSC leadership, faculty, physicians and staff, Dr. Mahvi executes strategies for program development, growth and patient access as well as managing the financial efforts of clinical operations.

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Steven RosenzweigSteven A. Rosenzweig, Ph.D.

Associate Director of Shared Resources

Dr. Rosenzweig is a Professor of Cell & Molecular Pharmacology. As Associate Director, he oversees the ongoing evaluation, development and growth of Hollings-supported shared research resources. These shared facilities provide access to critical technologies, services and consultation that enhance scientific interaction and productivity of cancer center members.

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Denis C. GuttridgeDenis C. Guttridge, Ph.D.

Associate Director of Translational Science

Michael LillyMichael Lilly, M.D.

Interim Associate Director of Clinical Science

Dr. Lilly is a professor in the Department of Medicine and a medical oncologist in the Division of Hematology/Oncology at MUSC. A seasoned clinical trialist with a robust portfolio of investigator initiated trials, Dr. Lilly is charged with facilitating the efforts to bring scientific discoveries emanating from Hollings scientific laboratories into clinical application through clinical trials.

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Chanita Hughes-HalbertChanita A. Hughes-Halbert, Ph.D.

Associate Director of Education & Training

Dr. Hughes-Halbert is a Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. As Associate Director, she ensures the education and training opportunities for pre- and post-doctoral students as well as junior faculty within the Hollings Cancer Center are well-structured, coordinated across multiple initiatives, effective, and promote transdisciplinary collaborations.

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