Follow-up Care

Once your radiation therapy is finished, it is important to have regular exams to check the results. No matter what type of cancer you have had, you will need regular check ups and perhaps lab tests and X-rays. The Radiation Oncologist will want to see you at least once after your treatment ends. The doctor who referred you for radiation therapy will schedule follow-up visits as needed.

Many patients return to the Radiation Oncology for regular follow-up visits. Others are referred to the doctor that sent them here, or to a Medical Oncologist. Your follow-up care will depend on the kind of cancer you have.

Patients who have had radiation therapy need to continue some of the special care used during treatment at least for a short time. For instance, you may have skin reactions for several weeks after your treatment ends. You should continue to be gentle with your skin until all signs of irritation are gone. Do not try to scrub off the ink marks in the treatment area. They will fade and wear away.

You may find that you still need extra rest while your healthy tissues are rebuilding. Keep taking naps as needed and try to get more sleep at night. You may need some time to test your strength, little by little, so you may not want to resume a full schedule of activities right away.

Learn more about eating healthy and taking care of your skin during radiation treatment.

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