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We are one of a small number of health care centers in the U.S. offering focused sarcoma care. Our team includes fellowship-trained clinicians in orthopaedic oncology, surgical oncology, and medical oncology, all with a clinical focus on sarcoma patients. There are only about 15,000 new cases of sarcoma diagnosed across the country each year. Since this cancer is so rare, it is important that you’re treated at a center with a team of doctors experienced in this disease. Our program also has experienced pathology and musculoskeletal radiology experts for proper diagnosis, which is crucial for effective treatment.

Our navigation teams provide personalized care coordination, connect patients with support resources, help prevent treatment delays, communicate with physicians and others on your team, and help patients understand their diagnosis and treatment options.

What is Bone Cancer?

What is Soft Tissue Cancer?


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Diagnosis & Treatment

Cancer is personal. It can affect every part of your life. And not all cancers are created equal – what happens with one person’s disease can be completely different for someone else with the same type of cancer. That’s why we will look at your case in a way that’s as individual as you are, drawing on the expertise and knowledge gained from research at South Carolina’s only National Cancer Institute-Designated Cancer Center.

Diagnosis & Treatment

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Patient Resources

Patient Resources

Along with state-of-the-art treatments, Hollings assists patients in dealing with the financial, physical and emotional aspects of having cancer.

Patient Resources

Surviving Sarcoma

Patient Stories

Author and sarcoma advocate, Thom Schmenk celebrates five years cancer-free.

Patient Story

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

As an NCI-Designated Cancer Center, Hollings is part of a national network of clinical trials, with access to hundreds of trials across the United States.

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