Survivors' Fit Club

Heather Toeppner

Heather Toeppner regularly works out with Survivors' Fit Club and on her own. She feels that the exercise helps with the emotional and physical recovery.

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Getting Fit For Life

The Hollings Cancer Center invites breast cancer survivors to enroll in the new Survivors' Fit Club. This 10-week exercise, nutrition, and behavior change program focuses on improved cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, body composition, fatigue, anxiety, depression, self-esteem and several quality of life factors specific to cancer survivors. Some studies also show physically active cancer survivors have a lower risk of cancer recurrence.

The program launched in February 2016 in collaboration with the MUSC Wellness Center. The MUSC Wellness Center staff includes a registered dietitian, exercise physiologist, post-rehab exercise specialist, health coach, cognitive-behavioral therapy specialist and certified personal trainers – all available to participants interested in getting fit for life.

Program Details: April 22 through June 26, 2019


  • All participants must be cleared by a physician for enrollment.

Week 1

  • Individual InBody and Micro-Fit testing with goal setting consultation.
  • Individual nutrition consultation to review nutrition questionnaire.
  • Two group meetings and physical activity sessions with personal trainers.
  • Post-rehab specialist available for consultation if health history or physician clearance requires.

Weeks 2 to 9

  • The group will meet with trainers weekly on Monday and Wednesday for a group session at the MUSC Wellness Center.
  • Each week the group will meet with various trainers for an outdoor exercise session.
  • Group health coaching – three sessions scheduled over the eight week period.
  • Group nutrition education weekly with recipe suggestions and cooking demos.

Weeks 2 to 9 continued

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy group session – three sessions scheduled over the eight week period.
  • Exercise will be monitored daily for type of activity and minutes of activity. Recommendations: 150 minutes weekly of moderate aerobic activity and two weekly strength training sessions – yoga, flexibility, strength, cardiovascular and balance exercise included.

Week 10

  • Individual post-testing with short and long term goal setting.
  • Group exercise sessions with goal setting.
  • Program finale.
  • Program participants will receive an extended membership to the MUSC Wellness Center for a period of time following the program.

FIT Club logoTo learn more about the Survivors' Fit Club, please call 843-792-6966 or email Bridgette Blankenship.

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