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social work at HCCThe social workers associated with Hollings collaborate closely with our multidisciplinary medical teams to ensure high quality of care for patients in all settings. They help the client and family understand and adjust to illness, and they provide direct services - impart information, make referrals, screen and assess clients, provide short term counseling and intervene in crisis situations. They also are involved in advocating for the patient both within the hospital and providing linkages to the community. They work with individuals, families, groups and the community. Social workers also facilitate support groups and provide community education.

Call the Social Work Office at 843-792-9535 for additional information or assistance.

Social workers begin with a thorough assessment of the client, situation and available resources. They have much experience in locating and negotiating resources so clients get the services they need. All MUSC social workers hold a Masters Degree in Social Work and are licensed at the master's level.

The COVID-19 pandemic has added additional layers of stress and uncertainty for many cancer patients and caregivers. Therapist Wendy Balliet, Ph.D., is here to help with her top 12 tips to relieve COVID-19 stress.

Common Questions & Concerns

  • How can I pay for treatment?
  • I used to be a work horse, now I’m tired all the time.
  • I need help in caregiving.
  • I’m afraid.
  • How can I get from Adams Run to radiation therapy every day for 6 weeks?
  • Will I be without hair the rest of my life?
  • This medication costs $1,000 a pill…how can I afford that?
  • I can’t work any longer…how will I pay my rent?
  • How will I survive my husband’s possible death?
  • What do I tell my kids?

Social Work Services for Adults

Hollings Cancer Center
Crysta Schaff, LISW-CP, ACM-SW

Outpatient Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT)
Tawana Philpott, MA, LMSW

Inpatient BMT & Hematology/Oncology
Eanna Aaron, LISW-CP, CCM

Social Work Services for Children

Outpatient & Pediatric BMT
Tiombe Plair, LMSW

Catherine Mattox, LMSW

Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Personalized patient care is at the center of everything we do. And no one tells the story better than our patients themselves. Meet some of our patients and hear about their cancer journey.

Patient Stories

Hollings in the Community

In the Community

At Hollings, we are working to reduce the cancer burden across South Carolina through cancer prevention and education programs, statewide partnerships, and a focus on reaching underserved populations through a variety of programs.

Prevention & Early Detection

Community Blog

Community Blog

Visit the MUSC Health Blog for expert advice on living a healthier lifestyle, learn how MUSC is involved in Charleston community events and hear personal stories from our patients.

MUSC Health Blog
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