Flow Cytometry & Cell Sorting Unit

Amanda C. LaRue, Ph.D.
Associate Professor,
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
B. Jacob Kendrick, M.S.
Hollings Cancer Center 309
Mass Cytometry Operations Manager
Carsten Krieg, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Microbiology & Immunology and Dermatology
843-792-9995 | kriegc@musc.edu
Corinne Levingston
Hollings Cancer Center - 324
Kirstin McDanel
Hollings Cancer Center - 324


User-based (Unassisted) Flow Cytometric Analysis: Equipment is available 24/7 for trained investigators. During regular working hours, operators are available to assist with setup, running samples and trouble-shooting.

Assisted Flow Cytometric Analysis: An operator is available for the Fortessa X-20, LSRFortessa and FACSVerse during regular working hours to provide general assistance as well as standard assays including cell death, proliferation, cell cycle, Ca++ flux, etc.

Imaging Flow Cytometry: The FCCS offers imaging flow cytometry as an assisted-use service on the Luminex ImageStream. The ImageStreamX Mk II System is a benchtop, multispectral, imaging flow cytometer designed for the acquisition of up to 12 channels of cellular imagery, allowing users to locate and quantify the distribution of signals on, within, or between cells.

Cell Sorting:The FCCS offers high-speed cell sorting services for isolation of complex and rare cell populations. The staff of the FCCS has considerable expertise in the design and implementation of novel methodologies for cell/particle isolation and is available to work with investigators to support study goals. Cell sorting is provided as an operator-based assisted service.

Mass Cytometry:The FCCS provides mass cytometry services for high-dimensional single-cell analysis. The Helios (CyTOF) platform is capable of simultaneous analysis of up to 135 antigens with current studies aimed at 45-50 parameter detection. Dr. Krieg provides expertise in experimental design, data analysis, and troubleshooting for CyTOF experiments. Mass cytometry analysis is provided as an operator-based assisted service.

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Publication Acknowledgement

If you publish a manuscript including research supported by the Flow Cytometry & Cell Sorting Shared Resource, the HCC recommends the following text to be placed in the acknowledgement section: "Supported in part by the Cell Evaluation & Therapy Shared Resource, Hollings Cancer Center, Medical University of South Carolina (P30 CA138313)."

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