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101192Quality Assurance of Health Information Presented to Community MembersActive/EnrollingInfo
100719Protocol for a Research Database for Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation, Other Cellular Therapies and Marrow Toxic InjuriesActive/EnrollingInfo
101202Improving Clinical Communication SkillsActive/EnrollingInfo
100720Protocol for a Research Sample Repository for Allogeneic Unrelated Hematopoietic Stem Cell TransplantationActive/EnrollingInfo
101348Impact of Rectal Cancer Patient Factors on Response to TherapyActive/EnrollingInfo
101433Prevalence of Vaginitis and Impact of Pre-operative Screening in Women Presenting to Gynecologic Oncology ClinicActive/EnrollingInfo
100916A Multicenter, Open-Label, Single-Arm Study of YONDELIS (trabectedin) for Subjects With Locally Advanced or Metastatic Soft Tissue Sarcoma Who Have Relapsed or Are Refractory to Standard of Care TreatmentActive/EnrollingInfo
101349Molecular Markers of Malignancy Compared to Histology in Bronchial Samples Identified Using Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) Bronchoscopy or White-Light Bronchoscopy for Evaluation of Normal, Pre-Malignant and Malignant Airways DiseaseActive/EnrollingInfo
101814Exosome-Derived Biomarkers for the Diagnosis and Management of Prostate CancerActive/EnrollingInfo
101321Multi-dimensional Profiling of HPV-Related Head and Neck Cancer in Black and White SubjectsActive/EnrollingInfo
101212SNP Profile of Radiosensitivity-relevant Genes and Adverse Radiotherapy Reactions in African-American Prostate Cancer PatientsActive/EnrollingInfo
101635Feasibility Study of Breast Cancer Candidate Genes in Three Population Groups In South CarolinaActive/EnrollingInfo
100927Filgrastim-Mobilized Peripheral Blood Stem Cells for Allogeneic Transplantation with Unrelated DonorsActive/EnrollingInfo
101793The SAIL Study: Survivorship and Inspiration for LifeActive/EnrollingInfo
101435Optimizing Survivorship and Surveillance after Treatment for Colon CancerActive/EnrollingInfo
101493Placenta Growth Factor Inhibition in Head and Neck CancerActive/EnrollingInfo
101576Circulating Fibroblast Precursors in Sarcoma MetastasisActive/EnrollingInfo
101837Using Serum HE4 and CA125 to Monitor the Therapeutic Effects in Ovarian Cancer Patients Based on Histological SubtypesActive/EnrollingInfo
101717Racial Disparities in Outcomes of Head and Neck Cancer PatientsActive/EnrollingInfo
101928A Randomized Controlled Trial of Varenicline for Adolescent Smoking CessationActive/EnrollingInfo
100877Neuroblastoma Biology StudiesActive/EnrollingInfo
101446Tracking Renal Tumors After Cryoablation Evaluation (TRACE)Active/EnrollingInfo
101529RCT of an Herbal Mouthrinse for Radiotherapy Induced Mucositis in Cancer PatientsActive/EnrollingInfo
101513Rationale for Late Stage Diagnosis in Oral Cancer-Intervention to Prevent Delayed Diagnosis in Oral Cancer (Oral Lesion Interview Study)Active/EnrollingInfo
101667Biomarkers of HPV Persistence in Cervical Cancer PatientsActive/EnrollingInfo