Hollings in the Headlines

Douglas Foxworth talks with Dr. John Gibson and nurse Julie Watson.

Only machine of its kind in SC appears to get results for patients in pain

New therapy offers pain relief to patients with neuropathic pain, often chemo-induced, with electrical stimulation to "scramble" nerve communication to the brain.

An Elegans Solution: Genetic Screen Maps Cell-to-Cell Communication in Cancer

A new genetic approach in worms provides a roadmap for the mesenchymal-to-epithelial communication that drives human cancer.

EurekAlert! Press Release

Antibody that Neutralizes sMIC Boosts CTLA4 Immunotherapy Response and Reduces Colitis

A team of MUSC researchers discovered a new combination treatment that improves the efficacy and safety of anti-CTLA4 therapy.

EurekAlert! Press Release

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