Cancer Control Research Program

The scientific goal of the Cancer Control Program is to foster population-based research that will lead to a reduction in cancer morbidity and mortality in South Carolina while providing scientific evidence and novel cancer control interventions that can be applied beyond the state’s borders.

Program Leadership | Chanita Hughes-Halbert, Ph.D.

Cancer Control program leader

Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences | College of Medicine

Dr. Hughes-Halbert holds the AT&T Distinguished Endowed Chair in Cancer Equity which is supported by the South Carolina SmartState® Center of Excellence in Cancer Disparities. Dr. Hughes-Halbert’s research goal is to identify sociocultural, psychological, genetic and environmental determinants of minority health and health disparities and to translate this information into interventions to improve equity among racially and ethnically diverse populations and other medically underserved groups.

Cancer Control themes

Featured Researcher | Linda E. Kelemen, ScD

Dr. Kelemen’s research interests include understanding how environmental modifiers influence genetic susceptibility for cancer risk and prognosis, identifying early biomarkers for cancer and identifying and understanding how molecular subtypes of tumors respond to treatment and survival. She serves as the Principal Investigator of a large population-based collection of ovarian tumors, which provides opportunities to investigate hypotheses related to differences in lifestyle factors and prognosis, treatment response between different histological types of ovarian cancer, tumor biomarker prevalence and associations with prognosis and frequency of recurrent somatic molecular alterations across different histological tumor types.

Geographical Management of Cancer Health Disparities Program

The Geographical Management of Cancer Health Equity is a national program designed to facilitate collaboration, cooperation, information- and resource-sharing, and capacity-building among cancer health equity researchers, trainees, outreach workers, and organizations, with the key goal of advancing cancer health equity research and training. Hollings, along with UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center coordinates these efforts in GMaP Region 1-South.

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